Becoming Human


No Such Thing


Why Don't We?





    Broken Promises

Serious (This Time)

Becoming Human

New Reality

Tomorrow (You Never Know)




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'Become' co-written with Rich Bee.  Visit:


This year things changed.

Leaving behind things I'd always known and re-inventing myself, again.  Removing myself from a position of familiarity and comfort and discovering that the world is full of people - wonderful people, hurting people, passionate people, struggling and uncertain people; some broken, some seeking, some content, some and the same, yet uniquely different.

Human Beings. Just like me.

And for us all, sometimes things are hard, faith is challenged, and nothing makes sense. There are moments when, even if we catch a glimpse of something in the distance, it can disappear within the space of a thought, a word, an action.


Then there are times when the skies clear, when the morning shines out new and full of promise. We catch sight of the Sun, shining down and calling us out to a better day, for me, for you, and for anyone else whose lives we can touch.


These songs point to those days, especially in the long Winters between them, when - God knows - being human, becoming human, is hard…

But we're still here.  And there's much we can do.


Martin Flett

Becoming Human - released 11/12/10


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