You Never Know 2006



Track list


Not knowing


I'm here


If I could know the future




Watching the sun


Like a child


Was it me?


Let this world (Fade away)


Martin Flett 2006





Back in the days before computers (well, at least before I used them for recording!) I wrote some songs, and wanted to make an album of them.  A few emails later and a recording-day was arranged with Maff, the singer/guitarist from my old band, 'Tunnel'.*


Armed with an 8-track recorder (writing to Zip disks, no less!), my guitar and a microphone, we produced 'You Never Know'.


If you want to hear it, get in touch and I'll dig out one of the few remaining copies for you...


*If you ask really nicely, one day I might even put Tunnel's album on here...


See... 2007








Martin Flett 2007

'See...' was released in September 2007 as a collection of songs for church.

Things have moved on since then, both musically and personally.  So, head over and look at my recent stuff if you want to find out where I'm at now...


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