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Martin John Flett BA (Hons)

14th February 1981

Raised in Shipley, West Yorkshire
Living in Birmingham

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Martin always wanted to be an author, he just forgot for most of his life.

Now, in his mid thirties, he has remembered to do something about it.  No old age memory-loss here.

In 2010 he completed a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing with the Open University, and has gone on to continue his studies with a BA (Hons) in Humanities with Creative Writing.

He lives with a his wife, and the world's most loveable rat.  His wife is loveable too, but we think that goes without saying.

Martin has a day-job that he doesn't like to talk about and, when he's not writing in his spare time, he likes to play music, read, and catch up on the latest and/or classic movies.

He also has at least one or two friends who keep him only mildly insane, and much gratitude is given to them!




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