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Can you hear Me?


Come (I know it anyway)


Between the lines: 1

      Between the lines: 2


Closed doors


Time and again


Nothing's wrong




What makes you?





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Martin Flett 2009

2 years on from my last recording project (not available online), and I've done what I said I wouldn't - recorded another album.


A lot has happened in those 2 years, certainly more than I can say here.  As always in life there have been highs and lows, loves and losses, frustrations and fears, joys, disappointments, adventures and misdirection.  And, somehow, I've  Wherever that may be.


Over the years, I have been encouraged and discouraged, guided, challenged, corrected, humoured and honoured by conversations.  Some have been with other people, some have been with God, and some have simply been at the walls. 

Others took place in that space between my mind and my heart.


Through these 'Conversations' I have found few answers and unearthed many more questions.  I have discovered that often we just have to live with the tension; the differing truths of how things are and how things should be. 


And in this space, in the in-between, sometimes we find faith.


If you have ever struggled, debated, wondered, ranted or resigned yourself to something, I hope that through these songs you may at least know you're not alone.



Martin Flett

'Conversations' - released 03/10/09


Martin Flett

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