I want to be an astronaut 

Would it be okay? 

If I could know the future 

You were the one (Every day) 

Every day's a Monday
(now you're gone) 

Someone else's girlfriend 

  Love? Album cover   When angels sing
(Christmas bonus track)


High and dry


Here we are

Find a way
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Left heart question mark    Love: it’s all around; it’s all you need; it will tear us apart.

In life there are many things we love: families, girlfriends/boyfriends, events, pets, pastimes... ‘I love it!’ we cry.

And often we do – cry – because of love.

Love can sneak up on us, lift us higher than we’ve ever been before – or maybe ever will again – and bring us joy unimaginable. And sometimes we can fall from those heights to equal – or perhaps even greater – depths, just as quickly as we fell ‘in love’.

But what is life without love? This time of ours, marked out by birthday milestones – 30 years can pass by in a flash, and we bear the scars of loves found, lost...papered over.

Love can be unrequited (is there anything more painful?) or rejected; it can be risky and reckless, or perhaps real and rooted.

Love can lead us to so much: a new relationship, a new passion, a life of companionship, or a cherished memory. A ‘labour of love’ could lead to a PhD, a novel, or even a new album.

You never know what the future might bring if we just ‘love’.

Martin Flett – 15/12/2012
  Right heart question mark 

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