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It seems something of an oxymoron that one so tall (6ft 6!) should be able to write 'short' stories. (Yes, we know it's a terrible pun.)
Dreadful humour aside, if you'd like to read some of his less-lengthy work, please see the links below.

All featured work written by Martin Flett.
Martin Flett 2011

Select a story. Then, to read it, click the pages and they will open in all their full-screen glory...

Waiting Room Sleep-walking The Best Will in the World

Waiting Room
February 2011

Written for a competition in Writers' Forum magazine, edited kindly by Rory Keegan.

Three people, three situations, three outcomes. Strangers' lives converge as they each consider the one choice open to us all: what now?








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March 2010

Assignment number four in Advanced Creative Writing, edited more recently.

Insomnia has few benefits but, in the early morning hours, one sufferer chances upon a life-changing meeting... 








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The Best Will in the World
June 2009

Final assignment in Creative Writing

A lonely, forgotten young man walks away from a party and learns that, in life, things are often not what they seem...








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